Ivan Breet is the founder of Simply Anvil, where he oversees systems and solutions architecture, with a focus on rapid prototyping, cloud migration and development operations. Ivan helps people and organisations to find elegant solutions to hard-to-solve problems using proven bleeding edge technologies and methodologies.

Ivan has been a key player in the bootstrapping of various successful startups in the eCommerce, social-network and FinTech space. He is an active player in the open-source community and co-founded a non-profit organisation as a platform for knowledge sharing, co-creation and to decrease the technological learning curve for startups and underprivileged communities.

Recent background

  • Most recently, Ivan spearheaded a full system migration of a multinational's production systems to the cloud, using both lift-and-shape and complete refactoring for cloud-native systems. Other notable projects include monolithic to micro-services migrations, Business intelligence, Machine learning and Serverless implementations.
  • Before founding Simply Anvil, Ivan worked as the Rapid prototyping and DevOps lead for a leading workforce management group in South Africa. Ivan was part of a highly specialised team, tasked with digital transformation, process re-engineering and disruptive innovation for 28 group companies across Africa and Australia. Ivan was the custodian for multiple core systems and projects that had a proven track record of being highly scalable, reliable and secure.
  • In 2011, Ivan co-created a social network with the aim to address various complexities in the recruitment process. Fresh thinking, bleeding edge technologies and methodologies soon saw the start-up acquired by a JSE listed entity, where Ivan and his team continued their work on the network and the related suite of platforms.