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How do we do it?

We have more than a decade of experience building highly scalable and performant systems using bleeding edge technologies.

Design Thinking

Our simple and user centric framework and methodology for designing products and services.

Agile Project Management

We use our lightweight but flexing PM framework to help you focus on what really matters.

Modern DevOps

Using the latest fault-tolerant and secure practices to ship code effectively and reliably.

AWS Cloud

Leveraging more than a decade of experience working with AWS (the market leader in Cloud Computing)


We specialise in event-driven computing allowing us to build, run and maintain scalable and cost-effective production systems.

Test Automation

Harnessing automated unit, integration, regression and end-to-end tests to ensure systems run smooth and bug free.


Our growing suite of SaaS solutions

Our SaaS solutions are built for real-world scenarios and hardened by innovative and globally relevant projects.



Data migration does not need to be the most challenging problem you solve today.

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Building a subscription business and collecting recurring payments does not have to be so painful.

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We're small enough to care, but big enough to help!

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Ivan Breet

Systems architecture and Design Thinking

Ivan is a critical player in the bootstrapping of successful start-ups in the eCommerce, social networks, SaaS and FinTech space.

Dirk Viljoen

Solution Architecture and DevOps

Dirk is the outgoing, outdoorsy and dependable anchor of the team. Expert in cloud infrastructure and master problem solver.

Jean Pierre du Toit

UX design and Mobile

A hard-working UX rockstar ensuring our applications and front-ends meet strict accessibility and usability standards.

Ockert Joubert

Cloud and Front-end development

Extremely curious by nature, often refactoring code to squeeze every drop of performance out of it. He keeps an eye on best-practise.

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